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Enjoy the bullshit jobs.
Make the shit temp work MEANINGFUL.
Work everyday towards your long-term goals.
Relish in the failures & make them become the dots you connect down the road.
No one likes an overnight success, so remember — to earn it is sweeter.
People will doubt you, your work ethic, and your worth; push harder to prove them all wrong.
It won’t be easy, you’ll struggle — you’ll doubt yourself, but remember you’re not alone.
Put in the shitty work when no one’s looking, to make the spotlight that much brighter.

I came across this short piece on my phone from almost two years ago. Truth is, I haven’t written anything in a while, personal, paid or otherwise. However, I felt like I came across it at a time that was quite apropos and I hope it is to you too.

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It’s safe to say it’s been a long, windy road for us thus far. When we first met I knew there was something about you; something I couldn’t quite place but I was sure you felt it too. It was that mutual feeling that made us so comfortable so fast.

I knew things weren’t great in your life at that time and while I didn’t ask anymore than you’d share, I was content with merely being your escape from it all. I immediately recognized that pain because I had been in a similar mindset for the better part of a decade, only letting people in so much before inevitably pushing them away or making them hate me to make it easier on myself. …

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Just like that my whole world was turned upside down — my mother’s fiancé committed suicide in the master bedroom in front of her. What was suppose to be another care-free day in my senior year of high school, ending up being a life altering event.

Upon getting home, I heard screams from outside walking up the steps to the front door. …


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