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The gayest cover album of 2020

As a Madonna fan, I couldn’t enjoy her last comeback, Madame X, more. My icon was finally releasing a world music album. Living in Portugal connected her to great musicians, and she got inspired by these contacts. Then, she just translated everything she learned into her pop language. Done! Magic! 2020 has been a hard year for all of us. The virus came to erase our normal lives and turned them into an apocalyptic Netflix show. Even all the conspiracy theories and ideas about global government control we watched in Black Mirror might be just around us while we keep…

Channeling the Andalusian traditions.

There is passion in everything that Rosalía does. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to show the world she is a unique act. Every performance is a must watch video, and even a simple invitation to her new Tik Tok account becomes viral. I can’t help it, passion is what I admire the most in an artist, and the fact she takes advantages of every public appearance makes me feel respect and admiration towards her persona. Her alternative flamenco pop art has shaken the world music scene, and her production has taken the Andalusian traditional folk music to the mainstream I…


Passionate travel,street,social-documentary,conceptual & pop visual artist. Photography,collage,video art & writing. 🚀

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