Tell you what. You decide whether your security requires a gun, and I’ll decide about mine.
Bill St. Clair

Exactly. I completely agree.

We can choose. We can choose whether we drive a 600hp car that can do 200mph and 5mpg, or a 50hp car that can do 40mph at 100mpg. We can choose to wear a seat belt, we can choose to wear a helmet, we can choose to have a roll cage.

We choose whether to ride a motorcycle or not. We can choose to wear a helmet, jacket, gloves.

We choose to drink alcohol (or not.) We choose to have unprotected sex or not. Our lives, our entire culture, is based on choice and the freedom to choose. If our choices affect others we face the consequences of our choices. Most people don’t choose the extreme and live happily somewhere in the middle. That’s a choice too.

Whether you hate firearms or love them, whether you’re prejudiced against firearms owners or you make firearms an integral part of your lifestyle, that’s your choice. That’s what makes our culture so special.

I agree. You make your choices and I’ll make mine. I hope nobody ever finds themselves in a position where they regret their choice, but I will never regret having the ability to choose.

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