Lego Sentences

Aphorisms, statements of deep truth from a particular subject, are often used as a way to summarize a complex truth or statement to the reader. However, aphorisms are still sentences that can be manipulated to achieve different results. In that sense it can be said that sentences, including aphorisms, are like Lego bricks. We can make endless combinations that result in different shapes and sizes. The following are some aphorisms from three different subject areas; Principles of success, music, and writing. To demonstrate the idea of sentences made out of Lego pieces, I have made different variations of the sentences with the same meaning.


1. Writing takes the mind of everyday struggles.

This sentence is pretty simple. I wanted to let the reader have the easiest time reading it as i had writing it. It has a very simple construction as well; a simple subject (writing) and a simple verb phrase (takes the mind of everyday struggles). The simpler it is; the less struggles the reader will have. Most reader do not like long, complicated sentences, which is why I believe this sentence works the best.

2. When in dark, rainy days, writing helps keep calm during the encounter.

In this sentence I wanted to include an example of how writing helps with struggles. Therefor I added an adverbial phrase at the beginning of the sentence (When in dark, rainy days) . I also wanted to change the subject ,struggle to encounter, to mix it up a little bit. I also omitted the “to” after helps since I believe it is not needed.

3. Writing is a toy for children and adults to play with whenever they need consolation.

For this sentence I wanted to create a metaphor that everyone could relate to. Adults and children alike have at one point in their lives played with something to give them consolation. I remember playing with my toys whenever I was sad about anything. This is the reason why we give babies something to play with whenever they start crying. Toy is an object that serves to pass time and to console whenever we need some consolation. In this way, writing can be thought of as a toy to both pass time and as an object of consolation.


  1. Mediocre is nonexistent in music

In this sentence I flipped the conventional position of the adverbial phrase in the starting of the sentence and placed it at the end ( in music). I also made the sentence very simple, yet strong. The word “nonexistent” carries a heavy strength attached to it. The sentence is very specific and short, making it very easy to read. However, the sentence is also very condensed; meaning that it contains a lot of information and opinions packed into a short sentence.

2. On the art of sound making, every failure and mediocre moment transform success.

In this one I wanted to changed the noun. I wanted a longer and more complicated noun than just music. Therefor, I decide to change music into a definition of itself (art of sound making). I decided to include failure into the sentence as well. The word mediocre is very broad; therefor, I decided to modify it by adding the word moment after it. I also wanted to make the sentence into two parts an independent and dependent clause combined with a comma. The dependent clause(On the art of sound making) serves to set up the next clause ( the independent clause-every failure and mediocre moment transform success).

3. Music, like many other arts, can be developed through constant practice. The broadness of music ensures that there is no such thing as mediocre or bad, because there will always be someone that will appreciate your music. Even if someone views your music horrible, there will alway be another person who will find it extraordinarily good. Leading to the realization that nothing in music, mediocre is nonexistent.

Principles of Success

1. Anything yields success; nothing yields failure

In this sentence I wanted a snappy effect. Nothing to complicated or long. Something that summarized what I had to say in as few words as possible. Therefor chose to make an equation type sentence. I also wanted to divide my sentence into two independent clauses separated by a semicolon, indicating that both parts complemented each other and essentially said the same thing.

2. Success is the constant hammering of a boulder; eventually the boulder will break and every seemingness useless hit will have a meaning.

I love metaphors, I think that they are a great way to explain a complex subject in a way that everyone can relate to. Henceforth, I decided to make a metaphor about success. I also wanted to divide my sentence into two different independent clauses. The first independent clause (Success is the constant hammering of a boulder) serves as the general establishment of the metaphor. The second independent clause (eventually the boulder will break and every seemingness useless hit will have a meaning) serves as an explanation of the metaphor.

3. Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In order to reach an aim or goal one must be willing to try and try as much as possible to said goal or aim. Most of the time these tries will result in failure; however, one must never forget that to accomplish a goal nothing is in vein because everything is done for the purposes of reaching said goal. In success nothing is wasteful.