What I discovered about the excessive salary of professional athletes.

I recently went on a web hunt for articles about the problem of professional athletes being paid to much. What I found out was pretty surprising and eye-opening.

First of all, the true problem that seemed prevalent through all the articles that I found was that there is a staggering difference of how much professional athletes get paid from different sports and different skill levels. According to The Washington Post article “So you want to be a professional athlete? You might not get paid so well,” there is a tremendous difference on the salaries of various professional athletes from various sports. The average MLS player for example, which is the highest level of soccer in the U.S.A, makes an average of $36,000; when compared to the $73 million a year that LeBron James makes it becomes apparent that there is a serious flaw in the system in which professional athletes are payed. An article from The Huffington Post, comparing the salaries of professional athlete from the NBA, MLB,NHL, NFL, and MLS, found a astonishing difference on how much professional athletes are payed according to what sport they play.

I very shocked and surprised when I also read that the people responsible for the astonishing amount that some professional athletes are payed is our very own fault. Gene Callahan, a writer and economist teaching at the State University of New York at Purchase, pointed out in his article on the Foundation for Economic Education website that the reason why some professional athletes are so grossly overpaid is because we, as the consumers, keep buying and spending money on the products and services that feed these athletes.

However, I also found an article on the Bleacher Report that goes in depth of why some athletes should actually be payed the way they are. In his article “Two Sides to Every Coin: are Professional Athletes Overpaid?,” The Doctor Chris Mueller explains how some athletes, even though they seem to be overpaid they are actually paid fairly. According to Mueller, many professional athletes risk their bodies on a daily basis. Some professional athletes end up with late physical problems after retirement. They also sustain many injuries throughout their years due to constant pressures on the body; as a consequence, many athletes find themselves with huge medical bills that add up. He also mentions that the amount of time the professional athletes play professionally is exponentially shorter than a non athletes. After they retire, many of these athletes have to live of the money made during their careers. Although all of this may be true, it still does not convince me that professional athletes deserve to be paid the way some of them are paid. In my opinion their salaries are more than enough to accommodate their medical expenses as well as their extravagant lifestyle. Instead we should standardize the salary amount that these athletes make.

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