The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience
VR/AR Media Experiments

Hi Katy — this is a fascinating deconstruction of the VR environment which has sparked my interests because of the parallels it has with the Elizabethan ‘dramaturgical’ process which invented ‘the Globe’ as a theatrical space. Set designer Richard Southern wrote in The Seven Ages of the Theatre how it was a ‘stage IN an audience’. There has also been considerable research my theatre historians on the relationship between engaging audience and cognition. I’m currently writing my perceptions on what it means to be a ‘digital dramaturge’’. This may be ‘old hat’ to you, but if not I’d be more than happy to send you links… particularly as you say “We can borrow techniques from other media — from theatre, art, film and design — to draw the audience’s focus.” All the best.

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