Morning Routine

One frozen banana (broken into small pieces)

Several handfuls chopped kale (also frozen)

Tablespoon chia seeds

Heaping spoonful sunflower butter

Organic almond milk (enough)

I drink a green smoothie for breakfast almost every morning. My second-brain appreciates its first food of the day in this form, and I’m also like, really into healthy eating trends.

I always blend a banana and plenty of kale, but other ingredients depend on what I’ve got in my kitchen. Frozen mango is another go-to. Sometimes I use coconut water instead of almond milk (note: helps with a hangover), sometimes peanut or almond butter instead of sunflower. When I feel like an extra helping of probiotics I toss in a couple spoonfuls of Greek yogurt. If I’m feeling extra crazy, I add a chopped date or two.

This breakfast is my morning ritual, the (cold, delicious) activity that tells my brain it’s time to wake up, for real.

For the first time in my life, I (almost) always work from home. Sometimes my hours are strange. I’m a natural night-owl. But I crave sunshine, the peace of chilly streets at dawn.

I started my current freelance business 10 months ago. After an uncomfortable year, being in my apartment most of the time was, at first, exactly what I needed. But then I realized I hadn’t left my apartment in like, three days. Ok, four. There’s only so many errands I can concoct to force myself from self-imposed seclusion. That I’m trying to use freetime to do my own writing projects doesn’t help.

So I signed up for yoga — and I’m gonna go like, all the time. Like five days a week all the time.

Haters (you know who you are — jk jk, kinda) point out that while yoga will make me “feel great,” it isn’t a “real” workout. But I’m not sure I agree — and also, that’s not really my purpose.

For a half-Jewish white lady from a small hippie town who now lives in San Francisco, drinks a kale smoothie every morning, and washes my face with coconut oil (antibacterial, hellllloooo) I’ve taken surprisingly few yoga classes. (Although I have written before about yoga.)

I’m no natural athlete — far, far, from it — but I used to hit the gym every morning, waking in the dark to complain about being tired, (assistedly) dip, squat, lift, and ellipt. I also endured a brief running phase where I jogged along the water every evening after work.

My goal during my gym rat days was to look thin and toned; today, it’s to feel strong (Also I want to learn how to handstand so I can take handstand-selfies in front of epic nature scenes.)

I predict/hope my new yoga-centric morning routine will help me become a better writer, a better freelancer — maybe even a better person overall? — but I’ll let you all be the judge of that.

What’s your morning routine? Has it changed through the years?

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