I was playing around with the optical flow patch (part of Flowkit), and stumbled into this kind of color offset effect seen in VHS playback. It’s a five minute effect! Try it out.

Here’s the finished graph, which you’re welcome to grab as-is, but I’ll walk through each piece and explain what it does.

To start, I grab the optical flow patch and connect it with a camera texture, screen size, and a render pass / delay frame combo. It already looks dope!

Lens Fest 2020 was a blast! Of course, it was an online conference, but at least it was nice seeing familiar names in the live chat window; Noland Chaliha, Clay Weishaar, Ben Knutson, Sarah Mayer, and Luke Hurd, to name a few. It spanned three days and featured a ton of new product updates, inspiring stories, tutorials, and some seriously phat beats (chat really enjoyed the music selection).

Lens Studio v3.3

The event was unofficially kicked off with the release of Lens Studio version 3.3. Everyone in the live chat was downloading it as the countdown started for the first LensFest video, myself…

This year’s Dev Circles hackathon came with a new angle — it’s not about making something cool and innovative that nobody can understand. It’s about making something cool and innovative that everyone can understand!

It’s often said that the best way to learn is to become the teacher. For this year’s Community Challenge, we invite you to put your own innovative spin on developer education by creating written tutorials that showcase the capabilities of Facebook technologies.

I am a strong proponent of simultaneous teaching and learning. It’s how I got my start in the AR world! The process of making…

I was once asked what I thought the most hipster food was. I responded hypothetically, “avocado toast ice cream.” Well, I made it a reality, and it came out way better than I could have imagined! It’s actually good, and I’ll be making it again. You can call me a hipster, if you want.

It’s got everything you could want from a dessert, really. In terms of flavor, you get sweet, salty, spicy, and sour. There’s also some nice textural contrast between the crunchy croutons and the ice cream. It’s like french fries in a shake, except way better!


Personalized videos are fun pieces of content that are generated based on user input. That input could be anything: a name, photo, video, street address, etc. Some executions have the user link their service account (Facebook, Twitch, anything with an API) and pull information from there.

One of the most iconic personalized videos is Take This Lollipop. It was a seemingly harmless Facebook app that asked the user for permission to access their personal information. …

Josh Beckwith

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