Marijuana Fields are Eco-Friendly?

Marijuana fields have increased all over California these past couple years which scares some environmentalist due to how uninformed they are about how fields and indoor industries are ran. Due to past studies, Jesse Hyde, from the Atlantic, thinks that marijuana fields are not eco-friendly because of how they are supposedly damaging the environment surrounding the fields while endangering the wildlife because of the pesticides and deforestation. He talked about three big reasons why they are not good for the environment; marijuana fields use illegally diverted water from local streams, increasing the amount of pesticides in the air, and the massive amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity being used. Fish in the streams that these fields dump the waste are starting to die off and become more extinct in some areas. Not only is it affecting the fish, but the amount of water being used to be able to water these fields is huge. Other animals such as birds, mice, other small rodents are being affected because of the pesticides they use for the plants. About 9% of California’s electricity usage was from the many greenhouse and indoor farms that were using light bulbs to grow the plants.

Recycled Waste & Soil:

These accusations about marijuana fields damaging agriculture and wildlife around them are false. Recent studies have shown that the fields have become extremely eco-friendly. The outdoor fields have their own waste section where they recycle the waste from the plants and old soil, with predatory bugs, fungi, and other bacteria to decompose the waste and increase the nutrients in the soil to reuse for the next cycle of plants. The indoor grow operations are very closely watched and in a closed off area which wouldn’t allow pesticides, if there were any, to harm other crops or animals nearby. Honest Marijuana is a company based in Colorado who transfers their soil from the recent harvest to the local landscape company to compost and reuse for landscaping.

Water & Electricity Use:

Companies figured out a way to recycle the water being used by creating a system that each bucket used for a plant have a pipe connected to it for water to runoff into to be able to reuse. Another company called THC Design, noticed using this method that they were reusing about 1,500 of the 2,000 of gallons used each day. The marijuana industry didn’t stop there with being eco-friendly, but has even improved the electricity use which has gone down to 3% of the California’s electricity use due to the usage of LED light bulbs along with more operations using solar power to generate the electricity. This has reduced the electricity by 30% in neighborhoods near the marijuana farms. Also in states where it has become legalized, people don’t have to hide the plants indoors and use so much electricity to grow them, now they can grow them openly outdoors using the natural sunlight.


Marijuana fields are starting to grow all across the states that have decided to legalize it. They are growing not just in numbers, but also growing in becoming sustainable and environment friendly. They have figured out new techniques to reuse their water so they don’t take away or pollute the water passages filled with wildlife. Most common picture people think of is an indoor grow room filled with many lights and immediately think about how much electricity they must be using up but in relatedly it is fairly cheap because these grow rooms have switched to LED lights and some even use solar panels. As time goes on, the marijuana business will continue to figure out new ways to increase their sustainability.

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