Infinum Lands In NYC, Man

Hi, I’m Josh Landman. I have spent the past several years in enterprise software sales, first at Bitly, and more recently, at Salesforce. I’ve worked predominantly with app developers and brand marketers, helping to manage, measure, and enhance digital content and products. My clients have ranged from fast-growing E-commerce startups to Fortune 500 companies in the Banking, Auto, Technology, and Media industries. Recently, I joined Infinum, where I begin my newest endeavor as Business Development Manager.

What is Infinum?

Most people hear, “Croatia,” and the first thing that comes to mind is Game of Thrones or Yacht Week. Few people know that Croatia is the birthplace of the neck tie or that Rimac invented the world’s fastest electric car. Innovation and creativity have helped define Croatian culture for hundreds of years, and after meeting my teammates at Infinum, it’s clear that this legacy lives on.

Infinum was founded in 2005 by Tomislav Car and Matej Spoler in Zagreb, Croatia. The company began as a fun way for two friends to make some extra cash in college. But over the past twelve years, Infinum has evolved into a global design and development agency, with locations in Europe, San Francisco and now, New York City. We build powerful apps and websites that make businesses more efficient and customers’ lives easier.

Our team celebrating the 100 employee milestone

Today, we employ over 100 people and serve clients including Royal Caribbean, Novartis, and Universal Music Group. Other recent projects include mobile apps for several banks, a travel companion app with over one million downloads, and a tinder-style food discovery app. When not working on client projects, our team actively contributes to the tech community, organizing and speaking at events and conferences, writing articles, and working on open source.

Infinum’s Zagreb Headquarters

What’s Next?

I am excited to join Infinum for several reasons. We continue to gain traction in North America, bringing ideas to life for entrepreneurs, enterprises, and everyone in between. I get to build a team in New York. I even get to travel to Europe and ride Segways with new friends.

My segway tour of Zagreb

But what excites me most is the opportunity in front of us. Advancements in technology and user experience have made nearly anything possible. Houses talk to their owners. Wearables monitor health in real-time. Businesses run remotely. Innovation is no longer optional, it’s expected, and to properly innovate, an experienced, accountable, and relatable partner is needed.

We Can Relate

Before I arrived in Zagreb, I knew Infinum built award-winning products for businesses around the world. I knew we valued communication and transparency — so much so that we built an app allowing clients to monitor their projects in real-time. But my perception of Croatian culture was not far off from this Saturday Night Live “Slavic Jams” parody. I needed some reassurance that our team would be able to relate to an American like me.

That reassurance came shortly after I landed in Zagreb, when I met a group that watches Seinfeld, listens to Bon Jovi, and loves a lame pun — I was even greeted at the airport with a fantastically lame sign that read, “Josh Did You Land, Man?”

Luka greeting me at the airport

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