Don’t suggest that men have to be lone exceptions breaking away from a pack in order to behave well.

Gillette’s controversial new ad about men

As soon as Gillette’s new ad about men was released, I heard from lots of media and business leaders wanting my take. I held off with public remarks until now because I have an ongoing partnership with a different business that does terrific, positive advertising about men — Dove Men+Care. It does not sell razors, and is therefore not a direct competitor with Gillette. But its parent company owns a razor brand.

Still, I have live interviews coming up, and I’m sure to be asked about the Gillette ad. So, after discussions with the right people, I’ve decided to share…

But hatred from Trump and his ilk are a kind of language that could tear of us apart.

The following is Josh Levs’ Quora answer to the question, “Will the United States soon be split by English and Spanish speakers? Why is the Spanish dominating the United States? Will I have to learn Spanish to understand my country?”

As I write this, I’ve just recently returned from a wonderful trip with my family to Colorado (Spanish for “red” or “colored”). …

Shootings. Debt. Loss of values. Emigration — not immigration — is the biggest threat to America’s future.

When our children grow up, will they want to live in America?

Sending them to school has become a gamble with their lives. As parents, we have to hope that they won’t be the latest victims in an unprecedented scourge of school shootings. That the roulette wheel of death won’t land on their number.

The threat doesn’t end there. We’ve all gotten used to the dystopian reality we’re stuck in, something out of a horror novel. A madman can slaughter dozens anywhere, at any time. And our leaders do nothing.

Government has two primary functions: Keep the nation safe…

Dear dads in the GOP,

Like you, I want what’s best for my children. Like some of you, I want what’s best for all children. But unlike politicians and pundits, I have spent my career getting past the political rhetoric from all sides and focusing on facts. Some of you know this from our meetings on Capitol Hill.

This Father’s Day, I hope you will take just a moment to hear — and truly consider — this message from me.

As dads, our greatest responsibility is to build a stronger, better society for our children, so that they won’t have…

The first in a series of reality checks leading up to Father’s Day

If you Google to find out how many U.S. kids are fatherless, you’ll see a series of alarming statistics. Some articles say one-third of U.S. kids are without their fathers. Others say it’s even higher, at 40%. Some are a bit more modest, saying it’s at least a quarter of U.S. kids.

All of these statistics are wrong. While there is indeed a fatherlessness crisis, it involves far fewer children than is popular believed.

The scope of the fatherlessness crisis is one of many myths I dug into for my book, All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families…

New campaign includes father figures who were #ThereToCare

Days after he won Survivor late last year, Adam Klein suffered a family tragedy. His mother, who had lived her life as “the epitome of health” and never smoked, died from lung cancer.

Amid the devastation, “I needed to be strong for my family,” the 26-year-old says. “But there were times when I couldn’t help but feel weak.”

Since his high school years, Adam Klein, right, has been close with his father figure Glenn Morgan.

As Adam grieved, along with his father and brother, another man helped serve as a pillar of strength: Adam’s high school English teacher, with whom he’d remained close. “Glenn Morgan stepped up to allow me to be weak with him so that…

Dear Rep. Bernie Satrom, Republican state representative in North Dakota,

Thank you for your insightful explanation that your state’s Blue Laws should remain in effect because on Sunday mornings a woman should be making her husband breakfast, “bringing it to him in bed, and then after that go take your kids for a walk.”

You certainly have a point. After spending an entire week vacuuming the house in high heels, there’s no greater way for a woman to celebrate a Sunday than to primp, powder, soak her hands in Palmolive, and then bake a fresh batch of pancakes, topped with…

It happens constantly: news agencies and researchers publish reports using skewed data, inaccurate statements, and their own beliefs in stereotypes to come to a false conclusion: that dads don’t work as hard as moms.

This is terrible for women. But before we get to that, the latest example.

A new piece in The Conversation is wrong from the get-go — even the headline is false. No, moms don’t “put in more work” than dads on average.

(Since reproduction is allowed under Creative Commons, I put red marks through sections that fail to represent moms and dads accurately here.)

Often, news…

If I ask you to imagine a “typical” family in a TV ad, what comes to mind? Most likely: a mom who keeps everything together; a clueless, bumbling dad, and kids who outsmart him but not her.

The trope of the idiot father damages brands, families, and society. It may seem like a harmless joke, but it fuels the backward perception of men as irrelevant at home. That perception is the reason the United States stands alone as the only developed economy with no paid maternity leave. It’s the reason so many men get punished if they try to take…

He’s shattered the myth of the absentee black father. If only he knew what a myth it is.

For eight years, America’s leader has given the country an unprecedented opportunity to end the pernicious, racist myth that most black fathers don’t stick around to raise their children.

Statistically, this is false. As I explain in my book All In, by far most black dads live with their children — and are, on average, the most involved of all. Most black children are not fatherless.

But as President Obama leaves office, that false belief remains alive and well. Even Obama himself doesn’t seem to have a clear picture. …

Josh Levs

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