The Andela bootcamp experiences (vol.3)

Growing up I was always being told this sentence “In pursuit of excellence only the best is good enough”…and…..yeah you guessed right…that was my high school English teacher.

Any way its day three of the andela bootcamp and so far its going well am half way through with today’s challenges which am to complete by 16:30PM and its 14:40PM so no pressure there (“uuuhh!!!….you wish…”).

Well speaking of my experince so far each and every day that dawns comes with a new challenge and i can say my abilities and skills have definately been tested..well take for example when i was appying i never really had a clue that i’ll be writing (i think its called blogging) so thats a new thing i have added to my wide range of skill set.

As always “In pursuit of excellence only the best is good enough” and am still pursuing excellence.

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