City Software Group is now City Innovation Labs

City Innovation Labs is a digital innovation company.

City Software Group announces a name change to City Innovation Labs. “It’s not just a name change or even a pivot, it’s a commitment to double-down our focus on what our customers already know and love about us,” says Josh Barker, CEO of City Innovation Labs.

“Our customers have all along told us that we’re ‘not just a software company’, and that our real value is in helping bring digital innovation to their company.”

The re-brand to City Innovation Labs evokes that ‘more-than-a-software-company’ feeling and helps further establish a new breed of company in the marketplace: a digital innovation company. A digital innovation company is one that positions themselves in the marketplace between a Management & Innovation Consulting Firm, a Design & Creative Agency, and a Software Development Firm. With a rich history in both the Big 4 and Silicon Valley, City Innovation Labs has a one-of-a-kind perspective to digital innovation.

City Innovation Labs history: Big 4 consulting mixed with Silicon Valley innovation

“I know it might seem like a lot of name changing going on around here, with KFactory, then City Software Group, and now City Innovation Labs, but this one is here to stay,” says Brad Hammond, COO of City Innovation Labs.

“I haven’t seen anyone in the marketplace do what we’re doing: consult, innovate, and execute. Most Software Development firms are order takers and ask ‘what do you want us to build?’ We instead start with questions like ‘how might this add value to your customers?’, ‘how might this move the needle for your company?’, and ‘how might we move the needle even further?’ We believe being business strategists first is pivotal to ensure the maximum return on investment (ROI) is there for our customers. And once we nail down the details for that high-ROI, ‘move-the-needle’ project we’re going to help you do it — end-to-end. It’s a completely new approach that I believe we’re uniquely experienced in and positioned to do with our Big 4 and Silicon Valley roots.”
— Josh Barker, CEO City Innovation Labs

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How City Innovation Labs Does Innovation

City Innovation Labs focuses on how to better enable its client’s customers, or potential customers, to more easily spend money with them (i.e. Amazon “Buy Now” button).

City Innovation Labs has created a repeatable innovation process in which they will…

1Act as business strategists-first to help identify the biggest ROI opportunity (using their experience in the Big 4),

2 Help strategize and put together a digital innovation plan surrounding that opportunity (using the same exercises found in disruptive Silicon Valley companies), and,

3 Use the best User Experience and Software Development people, processes, and tools to execute on that strategy.

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