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By March this year the world looked very different and WFH was now part of our daily lexicon. Yet in the confusion of the global lockdown, most of us missed the investment opportunity of the virtual conferencing space. While Zoom shares were rising, we were busy panic-buying toilet paper.

I’m sure many investors, prospectors and speculators were kicking themselves. With FOMO and determination not to miss another opportunity, we are asking the same question…what’s next?

Where are we now?

Before Covid-19, video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Blue Jeans, Cisco Webex, Skype for Business were relatively unfamiliar…

Extending your runway …

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A downturn could not come at a worse time for established businesses, let alone startups who are just getting off the ground.

Investors, clients, prospects, proof of concepts, collaboration networks and business momentum have vanished overnight for many startups. Without the capital behind them or pipeline ahead of them, the future looks grim.

We don’t know the severity or strength of the storm bearing down on us, but we know one thing: the storm will pass. When it does, some startups will boom and others will bust.

I’m not talking about spurious snake oil startups whose…

Joshua Kennedy-White

Venture catalyst and startup advisor. Helping investors find companies with the X factor. Likes to muse on all things cyber and tech future.

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