Malcolm Turnbull, the Steve Irwin of Aussie Startups

Malcolm Turnbull brings profound change to parliament with an incredible paradigm shift in thought leadership and innovation within a broken, disjointed and backward thinking political understanding of the Australian startup ecosystem.

If you’ve ever had one of those niggling thoughts to throw in your 9 to 5 and kickstart a scrappy startup dream, there has never been a better time for Aussies to trade up your claustrophobic blue collar tie for the freedom of bootstrapping a global revolution that could become the next SpaceX, Uber or Airbnb.

This is the greatest leap forward for startups and early stage companies in Australia’s history.” Andrew Ward — Founder of SelfWealth

It’s a totally new page and without doubt it’s about to be rewritten by a man who doesn’t just foster innovation but invests in it with not just taxpayer dollars but with capital from his own pocket. This is rare and it’s about to put Australia on the map, not just as a country that has the ability to nurture disruptive technology but also change the thinking of the venture capital that flows within it. So from one Aussie to another, there’s a few things every startup boot-strapper needs to know about Malcolm Turnbull.

1. He gets Startups & Venture Capitalist

As a co-founder of two investment banking firms, managing partner at Goldman Sachs, Chairman of OzMail and primary investor in serval internet startups including WebCentral and its fair to say startup fever runs in his blood, but he’s not just a tech oriented founder and investor. Malcolm is a well networked entrepreneur with connections to many of the world’s top tech founders. For those of you less familiar with the founder in the picture below his name is Jack Dorsey. He’s CEO & co-founder of Twitter, which has a valuation of around $48 Billion. That’s enough to make Gina Rinehart and her coal burn up!

2. He thinks much bigger than Canberra

Malcolm’s not a backward thinking small town politician, if fact some would consider him an global thought leader. For scrappy startup entrepreneurs this is a good thing. In fact you’ve just hit the jackpot because Malcolm’s about reenforce startup support helping Aussie innovation to join our U.S, European and Asian counterparts at the world’s best startup tech conferences. There’s never been a better time to take up an opportunity to join the global stage alongside the world’s most disruptive companies at tech conferences that rival the buzz at Tomorrowland and Burning Man combined. Web Summit to put it simply is “Davos for Geeks” or better put the world’s best startup tech conference. Interestingly enough, this is also where some of Malcolm’s mates like Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Chris Rudd, Brett Meyers and Mike Schroepfer have headlined the main stage alongside companies like Google, Stripe, DJI, Dropbox and Nest.

3. He has his own Tech Talks Channel

Not once in the history of Australia has there ever been Prime a Minister that advocates startup innovation and disruption like Malcolm. He’s intuitive, financially clued, tech savvy and has the ability to deliver an interview with a touch of Nick Cummins charm but with the delivery method of your year 10 economics teacher.

Malcolm has interviewed many of top Australian venture capitalists and key players within the Aussie tech ecosystem on his YouTube channel Tech Talks. He also uses the channel to deliver major transformational change updates on the Australian Government tech infrastructure, which is a first for any Australian Prime Minister. You can check out an short interview with Ben Heap from AWI Ventures and a few hot tips on the Australian venture capital ecosystem below.

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