Always Room on the “Extra Mile”

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I’ve heard it said many many times that

After I received this in the mail today that phrase IMMEDIATELY popped in my head again.

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This piece of encouragement is from a new friend, Michael Barbera, whom I met at a conference a few weeks ago. Mike was one of the keynote speakers that I had the privilege of introducing to the stage as the Emcee of that event.

He KNOCKED the barriers off of how everyone in the audience perceived Consumer Expereince that day. And here is again knocking out common perceptions of true appreciation and encouragement.

I knew he was an expert in his field, and now…whole other level bro!

This made me think about how I could have gone the extra mile in other situations which I’ve been a part of recently. “Man I missed an opportunity”, I thought.

Then it made me think of another question…

Why don’t we go the extra mile more often for other people when the chance shows up?

Here’s my diagnosis for myself at least (you be your own doc on this one):

I’ll tell you who’s really good at the extra mile and does in stride along with her already busy day. MY WIFE!

This letter also made me think about how much she does for our family AFTER a long day at work. In short… my son and I would be very very skinny people living in a crazy house without her extra mile efforts.

Man do I have some people to thank, starting with my wife Niki.

Thank you Sweetheart for always going above and beyond each day even when you’re tired and you don’t feel like it! The extra mile has your footprints all over it. I love you!

And thank you Mike for sending me this incredibly powerful piece of encouragement and most importantly reminding me what going the extra mile feels like. You sir are a ROCK STAR!

Who could you go the extra mile for today? Don’t over think it…

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If this was encouraging, then please share with others to brighten their journeys today.


Josh Bledsoe,

Talent Development Specialist

Dale Carnegie Training

Written by

Believer | Blessed husband and dad | Talent Development Specialist at Dale Carnegie Training | USAF Reserve Officer | Better version today than yesterday

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