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Your Face Value

The clock can’t slow down enough! Not enough time to pull over for that sanity medicine aka Starbucks coffee.

It’s already and insane start to a new day since the alarm didn’t go off in time to make coffee at home. Cheers to setting it for “pm” instead of “am” again champ. 👌🏼

Never mind there wasn’t enough time to shower…maybe no one will notice the dirty hair. New hairstyle today. Plus this new Christmas gift cologne will trick everyone’s nose sensors into thinking you’re a GQ magazine cover model. Right… 🤦🏻‍

And to just make sure the universe reminds you it’s in control, the exit for work is backed up for what feels like 10 million miles!

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Ever have a morning like this?

Ever feel like these type of “nothing going right” days tend to string together like a loaded down chain of boxcars hooked to the “Little Engine Who Could keep messing with you”? Except this little engine doesn’t feel so little and it’s chanting “I think I can. I think I can…ruin your day.”

It seemed to go like this for me for a while. Well up until recently.

Recently I discovered this magical phenomenon never before known to mankind.

Like an ancient artifact, it’s been hidden all this time waiting to be uncovered by a real world Indiana Jones.

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Hidden in plain sight that is. Right in front of us.

Actually it appears several other people discovered it earlier in life. These are the type of people who seeming are aaallllwaaayyysss stress free, worry free, forever optimistic. They are the neighbors that don’t look frazzled as they load their little army of kids into their car one by one then have enough situational awareness to know you’re outside too so they turn and give you this ginormous wave and a Smile.

Know who I’m taking about? Can you picture their smiling face?

Who are these people?! What planet are they from?! And better yet, what’s in their coffee?!

That newly discovered ancient artifact I mentioned earlier is, turns out, not that ancient after all. Some of us just havent discovered its hidden power yet.

So when I learned what it could do for me, more importantly for others, in the Skills for Success program I put it to the test.

— Smile —

Sounds too simple huh? I thought so too.

I thought if this simple gesture was so important to put into a book, then into a program taught all over the world in over 100 countries in multiple different languages, then well…perhaps it could have an effect here in North Carolina. LOL!

First test…perfect stranger at the drive through window. I made the committment to stop thinking about what was going on in my day for 3 seconds and just simply give the employee my sincere appreciation and a genuine smile.

What do you think happened?

She smiled back at me! Go figure right? That wasn't the interesting piece… What I found to be most interesting was the difference in her demeanor before the given smile and after the given smile.

It’s like her entire day was turned 180 degrees from an obvious tired, over it, ready for quitting time to this sort of glad to be here, I have more gas in the tank, energetic look.

Ok, this experiment is 1 for 1. Let’s see how much further we can take this.

Another, sort of stranger but not really, would be my next Smile victim. I often saw this person walk the hallways looking down at the floor when they walked passed to avoid interactions as if the carpet thread count was under investigation and this person was the assigned Law and Order Investigating Agent.

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Know anyone like that?

When I saw them next I made sure to deliver a loud, definitely audible “HELLO!” just to grab their attention. Once they looked up at me I delivered the biggest smile I could along with a “How’s your day going?”, and to my surprise they actually smiled back with a shocked (you actually asked me that?) response of “Uh…good. I hope yours is as well.” SCORE!!

We didn't engage in a long conversation at that moment, and that wasnt the point. Do you think their response to me each time after that was different?

You bet it was!

The point is this:

“Smiling is simply an outward display of our inner disposition.” — Doug Stewart

Our outward display of our inner disposition is also contagious. Very contagious.

When we can make others people feel welcome and comfortable when they are around us they then ascribe characteristic traits to us such as Kind, Genuine, Caring, Authentic, a Good Leader.

Selfishly, when we are having a day much like described earlier finding something, anything at all to Smile about triggers our brains to support that feeling which then triggers our hearts to respond harmoniously. Then notice the following triggers that follow.

People tend to want to work with, associate with, support and recommend other people who show a positive outward disposition. Smiling is the first sign we could demonstrate that positivity.

Mr. Dale Carnegie wrote about this in an entire section of his famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People. I encourage you to check it out, and give it a test in your world.

Mr. Carnegie also throws down a challenge which I’ll echo here for you today…

“Smile. It increases your face value.” — Dale Carnegie

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Thanks for reading along! I hope this adds value to you. If it does, please share with your friends. You might just deliver a smile to them today.

To Your Success,

Josh Bledsoe

Talent Development Specialist

Dale Carnegie Training

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