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Interesting article and valid points about his monetary value to the club, however you left out one reason for him going to PSG, to win. He is joing a disjointed collection of extremely talented individual players who consistently struggle to play together, a tendency Neymar himself all to often gives into during games.

How did he get so good and get to this point? Through hard work, dedication, fearlessness, immense talent, and through joining the best club in the world to grow and mature his game. All those sublime moments you lined to above were produced inside the Barça system, a system, the player himself wanted to join to grow his game.

Now he’s leaving when he was right on the verge of taking over the mantle of being the best player at Barça. Sure it would have taken about 18 months as Messi begins to shift into a midfield facilitator role but the team is definitley entering a new phase. Instead though, he chose to leave. It’s very puzzling and I’ll be curious to see he how does at PSG.

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