Your Business Idea Has Been Done Before. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Care.

Quit beating yourself up over creating the next “hot” business idea and focus on what matters most instead—helping people solve their problems.

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My fellow entrepreneur, it’s time for a reality check.

I hate to break it to you, but you know that earth-shattering idea you’ve held so near and dear to your heart? It’s likely that it has already been taken and executed successfully many times over.

You see, there are millions of businesses out there… and they cater to thousands of niches large and small.

Every day, these businesses solve problems for hundreds of millions of customers, and the ones that do it really well have customers opening their wallets over and over again.

These businesses have customers coming back for more and they’ll bring friends and family with them. If they continue to serve their customers well, they’ll transform them into fans that quite literally advocate for them, all without any additional efforts for the business.

Take a walk down a busy street in your hometown sometime and look around.

What do you see?

Maybe you’ll spot several “mom and pop” restaurants. A couple of nail salons. A coffee shop or two. A handful of corporate-owned or franchised food chains. A number of small clothing boutiques and retail shops. Throw in an odd bar or two… and perhaps even a few microbreweries?

And you know what? I bet it crossed their minds at some point that they’d encounter competition, just like I’m sure it has for you. It’s a common fear that many entrepreneurs and business owners share.

Yet, these people chose to ignore those very thoughts… and they pressed on. Day after day, they continue to operate, despite the competition that surrounds them. Many have grown into flourishing businesses.

The truth is, competition is actually a good thing. It’s a telltale sign of a thriving marketplace and a rock-solid economy where people congregate to exchange value in the form of money and goods. And there’s plenty of room left for you, if you’re willing to commit.

So quit letting the competition crowd your mind and stop dwelling on your pie-in-the-sky idea. Instead, pull yourself out of your comfort zone. Throw yourself in front of potential customers and focus on delivering extraordinary value to those who need your product or service the most.

Eventually, you’ll set your sights on doing it better (or slightly different) than the other businesses around you, and you’ll build a base of raving fans in the process.

It’s easy to get caught up in the weeds, but you have to remember what matters most…

You must get started. You must push forward. You must execute. And more importantly, you must make people happy by solving their most pressing problems.

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Conversion Optimizer, Copywriter, and Digital Marketer. Obsessed with human optimization and growing businesses.

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