Canon Needs to Get with the Program.

Canon Rumors ( says the new EOS 6D Mk II will be limited to 1080p video. It’ll have some upgrades — Bluetooth, a new image processor, 45 autofocus points — and it’ll cost $1999.

Sorry, but Canon should (and probably will) get slammed for this. To release a $2,000 (body only!) camera in 2017 that doesn’t do 4k is just inexcusable. For that kind of money you could buy impressive camera hardware from several other manufacturers that performs virtually as well for still photography and shoots video in 4k… more than two years ago. Canon can keep insisting on shipping devices that are clearly focused on either photo or video. And that might fly for pro equipment, where that kind of focus pays dividends. But the 6D is a consumer (or maybe a pro-sumer) camera, and as such it has to compete with Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, and Fuji. All of them have figured out 4k for cameras at this price point, and Canon should, too. End of story.

Originally published at yikes.