Friedman Can’t Be Trusted with Facts, Let Alone an Ambassadorship

Nice piece in Haaretz on Trump’s choice for ambassador to Israel. The author is a prolific and talented writer, capable of deftly wielding fact-based argument as an antidote to ignorance and extremism.

But in this case, he didn’t need much of his trademark intelligence or rhetorical flourish. Rather, he only needed his computer’s “copy” and “paste” commands. Because that’s all it takes to show that David Friedman is poorly qualified for the job to which he has been appointed and dangerous to the US and Israel due to his propensity to use both half-truths and slanderous lies as means to his partisan, extremist objectives.

(Friedman’s readers’ apparent inability to tell the difference between his falsehoods and the actual truth is troubling as well, though perhaps unsurprising.)

Originally published at yikes.