We have defined failure wrong in society. Failure to us means that we are awful or did awful things and should give up. It is something to be fearful of because if a person fails, they will look like an embarrassment. I think this is super wrong. If a person “fails”, they are figuring out what not to do, which, in fact, gets a person closer to doing something the way it is meant to be done. Having a lack of success, as failure is usually defined, does not mean success will never come, it just means it has not come yet.

I truly believe that everyone has a unique purpose, no matter how big or small, that aligns perfectly with a person’s skills and abilities, which leads to the ultimate life success (I understand this is crazy cheesy but stay with me). The hard part about this is finding the best self that reflects all your gifts and makes them applicable to the real world. It is very easy to believe you know what kind of life will make you feel most fulfilled and content, but it is incredibly hard to live a life that is a true reflection of the person you truly are. You want to know what the only thing harder than that is? Literally becoming a person. Scientists estimate that the probability of becoming a person are one in 400 trillion. ONE IN 400 TRILLION!

Life is so intimidating because it feels like ninety-nine percent of everything that happen is completely out of our control. However, that ninety-nine percent that you have ZERO control over is less powerful than that one percent you do have control over. Looking at everything we have no control over and worrying about those things is when we make everything so much harder. We begin to feel helpless and insecure, doubting our strength and starting to become control freaks. In turn, people end up deflecting their responsibility in their own lives to the circumstances they have been dealt. I am just as guilty of this as anyone. It is very hard to understand how great our control really is in our own lives because it is very hard to even understand that we have any control in the first place.


Society has tried to put a blueprint out there that shows the perfect way to live through aspects of religion, appearance, wealth, social groups, celebrities, politics and other facets. There are so many people telling other people the “best” way to live The fault of these people is that they are not necessarily living a better life, they just tend to have better things. I just want to challenge you to take back control of the one percent in your life because then the other ninety-nine percent that makes you feel helpless sometimes will look a lot more manageable. I know there are outliers to every rule so if you feel you are already doing all of this that is great and keep doing you.

Question: what is something in your life you want to accomplish by the end of the week?

Please read to the end! This is a big thing, Jake Emser will be providing the visuals for each post from this one and on. The dude is incredibly talented with a camera, and I am really looking forward to working with him! There will definitely be more things in the future for you to get to know more about him. So if you are on Instagram give him a follow @jakeemser for some sweet pictures.

Everything I have posted has been very on the surface of the points I am really trying to make and the discussions I am hoping to start, and a lot of that is because I am a very jumbled thinker. I will try to make my content better at articulating the deeper aspects of the thoughts I am trying to provoke. I also want to include in this that I will be starting to create video content, and I will elaborate more onto what I am hoping to accomplish because I feel video will be easier for me. I promise there will not be a lot of endings with this kind of info so thanks for hanging with me. Happy Hump Day!