Opinions are neither right or wrong

The dichotomy in which humanity exists is so intriguing to me because there really is no created balance between anything. People function on a scale of one or the other, no compromise. I think there is this innate sense of wanting to be right to give value to the beliefs we have because society does not value truths more than beliefs and thoughts, but the thing is that society treats opinions like they can be more correct than other opinions. To me, this is pretty ludicrous because the only way that one opinion can be more legitimate than another is if it is fact-based or proven, and in that case it is no longer an opinion.

We argue subjectivisms as if there can be an answer greater than another. When opinions are treated like they are truths, it devalues actual facts and truths because people will dispute objectivity with nothing more than emotions and beliefs. This need to have the “right” belief blinds the search for what is real, while also creating animosity towards the people that do not believe the same thing. This results in no room for compromise because people tend to only link up with people that share the same beliefs, and this stops the chance of being challenged to grow their own beliefs. Also people sometimes go into arguments with people that are on a different side with a completely closed of mind, which halts any opportunity of seeing a side that may be different, or even could be better. When a person treats another opinion like it is less than their own, they immediately are devaluing the people that believe differently because, in their own mind, they are above the people that think differently.

A great example of this is in politics where we have two completely different sides bringing about two totally opposite ideas, and making it about being either anti-democrat or anti-republican instead of figuring out what is best for everyone. If either side was so much more right than the other, our country would have a lot more clarity where the right action is. Instead of collaborating and finding the best solution, there is a pissing match to find which side has the right solution.

Look at an argument you individually have had with someone that had opposing views, and I guarantee there were moments where it got very heated and you could not understand how that person could not see how right your side was. People have lost so much respect for people’s freedom to establish their own beliefs and opinions, so it turns into this bitter resentment of proving what is wrong with their side instead of what is right. Arguing until a person is blue in the face will never bring about any positive change because at that point there is no reason in any of the argument no matter how brilliant a person’s thoughts are. Opinions are meant to help people siphon through life in search of what is real and what is not, they are not meant to be treated the same as real facts and proven truths.

I used to try and argue all the time with everyone about everything I could because it gave me some satisfaction in knowing that no matter the outcome, that the other person was wrong and I was always right. This attitude led to such stagnancy in my life that I stopped growing and challenging myself. This is a bad place to be because then the search for knowledge is halted by the false belief that I already know best. My point in writing this is not a political statement or to tell everyone to stop arguing, it is to take a deep look at the way you respect other people’s beliefs and thoughts and opinions. I encourage you to open your mind to these things because the moment you think you know everything about something you stop. This is the point, if you think you know everything, you are no better than the person journey of trying to learn always, finding what is real, respecting other people’s views, and bringing more insight to all the people you come in contact with and trying to gain more insight from them. Life is mostly subjective, there is no true blueprint that can guarantee a person is living life the way it is mean to be lived, but I believe if a person is constantly striving to figure their self out first, and then understand the people around them as best they can, that life becomes absolutely everything a person could dream of and more. Be open. Be understanding. Be passionate. Be curious. Find yourself, and continue to search for more but acknowledge when it is pretty good now.

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