Why Virtual Reality Will Bring Back the Arcade

Home Consoles Did Not Kill the Arcade

Success of the North American Arcade

Atari founders Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell with Fred Marincic and Al Alcorn
Graph generated with data from Electronic Education, The Video Game Explosion, and Silicon Valley Fever.

Failure of the North American Arcade

Excess Atari games that had been dumped in a landfill during the crash.

Arcades Today

Arcades in Japan continued to evolve.

There is a lot to VR that can’t be packaged in the home


A man using the Oculus Touch controllers.
Graph generated with data from KZero. The trend of peripheral underutilization is predicted to continue with VR.


Controlled Environment

A VR arcade is viable now and would serve a crucial role

iPhone Fallacy: “VR will probably see steady growth”

Graph generated with data from Statista. Notice that when the declining iPod and the rising iPhone figures are calculated together, the iPhone’s rise to popularity is less astonishing.


Current Gaming Industry

E3 draws a huge crowd of people excited to learn and experience what is next in gaming.




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Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor

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