Tame the Beast: Email Management

Joshua Davis
Feb 16, 2016 · 2 min read

Productivity is a funny word. It’s misleading, the act of being productivity doesn’t require an accomplishment or completed tasks. The act is really irrelevant, crack dealers are productive, teachers are productive, assistant managers at Pizza Hut are productive; the majority of people demonstrative productivity in one way or another. Checking email starts productively, slower becomes a distraction and before you know it 8 hours passed and there is still an open window waiting for contact information.

3 ways to productively manage email

  1. Calendar. Calendar. Calendar. Set aside 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes at noon and/or 30 minutes at night and boom; email managed. It’s all about self-control, email management can seem impossible but penciling in 30 minutes twice or three times daily will keep you organized.
  2. Just reply. It’s hard because ignoring tasks is easy. If you spot an email that requires a response, take 2 minutes and reply. It will help defragment daily tasks and provide some peace of mind as your day progresses.
  3. Unsubscribe. ‘Accidently’ becoming a subscriber is unfortunate. Cache memory, not cash money — easy mix up, is the antagonist in this plot. It stores all your search queries so a company can immediately decide you’re interested in what they have to offer! Next is begins a vicious cycle, you click unsubscribe over and over to no end. That is until you report it as spam.

Hope this proved useful, email management is frustrating and often difficult to handle. With the right tools and a strategy, you can save at least 10 hours a week without being productively unproductive.