Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits
Jack Conte

One musician to another

It’s interesting to see this breakdown… though I can whole-heartedly say that it makes NO sense.

First — renting a Freightliner instead of a normal van, or even an RV, was probably a massive expense that could have been avoided… the photo of the van at the studio is quite telling.

Second — renting lights is foolish. If you’re selling close to $100K in tickets throughout your tour, you’re probably playing in venues with lights, and capable light show folk. Spend time talking to them, and they’ll make sure you look like the Rock Band you’re attempting to be.

Third — per diem? AND food expenses? AND a lawyer — where are your riders?

Fourth — hotels? REALLY. 2 people to a room? REALLY? C’mon. “Indie” doesn’t even work with that kind of excess.

Fifth — I toured for 33 days. I booked the entire thing. We BOUGHT an RV (granted it was a ‘77, and we sold it at the end of the tour for a slight loss — mainly because we crashed it into a church in GA), rented a trailer, had repairs and gas expenses, definitely did not sell $100K in tickets, and were definitely not a “big” band, but we STILL broke even.

The honesty and transparency of this article is intriguing, but were I a fan, I would pretty much take anything I had from the band and throw it away after seeing this. No one wants to know that your excess spending and band salaries are “what making art is about.” Because it’s not, at all, and to be frank, pulling in over $100k in a month, and complaining because you spent over $100k in a month… makes you all sound VERY full of yourselves.

$1.2 million per year… that’s what that amounts to (keeping the number low, for a quick example)… if you’re running around all year “making” that, and spending it… you’re living a hell of a lot better than a LOT of INDIE musicians. Even if you’re only touring 4 months out of the year, you’re still looking at “making” over half a million and spending over half a million. Do you have any idea how ludicrous that sounds?

You want to be rock stars? Buck up and quit whining. You want to be a successful “indie” band, “making it?” Cut the sh!t and stop wasting your fans’ money on bullsh!t like hotels, excessive per diems, and a ridiculous rental vehicle. If the rest of us can survive on $8-$10 per day on the road, I’m sure you all can.