week 1 — no major carbs

This post is part of my 10 week mini goal challenge thing. You can read more about it here.

I have loved bread since I was young lad

This week had to kind of be an easy week for me since work is probably going to be taking up a lot of time and I didn’t want to pick something with a high fail percentage.

Starting off this thing with a bunch of 🚫 would be a bad idea!

So my goal for this week is to avoid all major mainstream sources of carbohydrates. This means I can’t eat:

  • Breads, pita, pizza, etc
  • Pastas/Noodles
  • Rice
  • Pita
  • Tortillas

8/28/17 — W1D1

Day 1 wasn’t so bad! I had a grilled salmon for lunch with a side salad, the hardest part was resisting the Gochujang grilled beef since it came with Nishiki rice 😭. Work is actually a great place for this goal because I think there are a lot of people who don’t eat the same foods that I am trying to dodge this week . Plus I can always fallback to the salad bar. For dinner I went to Katelyn’s graduation thing and brought her flowers — I looked very much like a boyfriend but that’s okay. They had Kamayan there!

Kamayan is a Filipino style dinner where they make a mountain range of rice on a long path of banana leaves and then pile on different meats, veggies, and in this case shrimp.

me (as a fetus), after destroying a family of shrimp

I seriously think that I was born to be a shrimp-peeler. Although not a very lucrative career, I’m sure I would be in the top 5% of shrimp peelers in world. I was cleanly peeling those suckers with one hand… find me someone else who can do that.

Kamayan means “hands” so you eat this meal sans utensils, which is one of my favorite ways to eat 😋. It was kind of a bummer that I had to avoid the rice, but it also let me have the biggest pile of shrimp shells on the table. It may or may not have been the reason, but I it sure helped getting through day 1.

8/29/17 — W1D2

I woke up this morning really wanting avocado toast. I have fresh avocados sitting on my kitchen counter and I ate one like a cup of yogurt last night just so they don’t end up going bad — it wasn’t actually a bad snack. Ended up settling for oatmeal this morning because even though its slightly carb heavy, it doesn’t fit my idea of a “major carbohydrate”.

Lunch was easy again, I had grilled tri-tip and a side of chili soup ~ nothing fancy but here is a picture.

Chipotle rubbed grilled halal beef tri-tip served with an arugula, chayote, and cherry tomato salad tossed in a cilantro-citrus vinaigrette. Finished with tomatillo salsa.

The conversation of water came up a lot today and I really think I should be drinking more water.

Like > a gallon a day.

I think I hit about a gallon on days when I workout, but I could be doing better on rest days for sure 💦.

Dinner was fun! I went with Aly to Off the Grid in Cuperinto, which was a nice collection of food trucks. I had to resist Lobster Rolls and Adobo fried rice, but I settled for some Texas BBQ. Hope the folks in Houston are doing well. Here’s a pic:

RIP to not being able to have cornbread or mac n cheese as a side. Aly got some asian-fusion dish that I can’t remember the name of.. but it was wrapped in some kind of roti, so none for me.

For dessert I got a Pitaya bowl — which is kinda like Açaí, but a bit more tart-y. Açaí actually has a ton of carbs, but it didn’t fall under my goal’s scope so no worries there. Ate a lot, so I was super full but then I was already hungry by the time I got home. Weird.

8/30/17 — W1D3

It’s only been 3 days since I started doing this no-major-carb thing but would you believe me if I said I can already feel a difference? I woke up this morning feeling super light and springy. My stomach hurt from the potato salad, but two TUMS fixed that right up. I also thought I wasn’t craving any carbs this morning since I didn't feel tempted to have an avocado toast, but now it’s 12:44PM and 🍕 sounds like God’s gift from heaven ;_;

Okay lunch wasn’t so bad, I had a burrito bowl with no rice. Beans and veggies actually fill me up pretty good. Had dinner with Esther and Albert and Kunjip, which made it a bit tricky since most dishes came with rice or noodles, but I just gave my rice to Esther. Rice kinda sucks anyway tbh, I’m #teamricepaper and #teambread.

8/31/17 — W1D4


It was unbearably hot today. I didn’t even want to leave the office to go get lunch but I realized that probably wasn't the best idea so I got myself orange chicken — double protein + no 🍚.

Dinner was nice. I had the evening to myself and was finally able to cook that bulgogi from H-Mart. I really should try cooking more, but I think it will be even harder when I to move the to city. Maybe I should bring my ingredients with me on the shuttle so I can do my prep work during my commute 🤔 (I’m only partially kidding).

I think one thing that’s changed a lot since I moved to the bay is my ability to do things by myself. When I first got here, I had a really hard time being alone, especially for things like meals. I think a lot of it had to do with being fresh out of a relationship and being new to the Bay Area. I think that food is such an intimate and social experience. It was always something that felt wrong to do alone. I guess I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with myself over the last year and I’m really happy that I can do more and more things without depending on the company of others. It might not sound like a big deal, but it was something I wasn't able to do before so I’m proud of it.

9/1/17 — W1D5

The heat wave continued today so I ate the other half of my dragon fruit for breakfast.

I had some eggplant dish with a side salad for lunch and it was topped with a fried egg~, the dish also came with pita bread but I skipped out on it 😊.

For dinner I cooked the bulgogi again since I decided to go back to LA for the weekend and didn’t want to leave a food in the fridge.

Went out to downtown Palo Alto with some friends. It’s actually a terrible place to go out. The crowd is a lot older, the music scene is pretty bad, and the bars close pretty early. Despite all that, I had a really good time with my friends and I was able to make sure I didn’t get drunchies and eat 4 slices of pizza — so I call that a win.

9/2/17 — W1D6

Woke up early so I could pack my bags before my flight to LA. I was starving in the morning and my stomach hurt from the alcohol of the night before. I really felt like I needed bread or something to help absorb it all. Not sure if that’s actually a thing — but in my head I thought it would do something. I ended up eating a nature valley granola bar because the only other thing I had was Hot Cheet0s.

When I got to the airport I was still super hungry and slightly hungover. San Jose airport doesn’t have a lot of food choices and most of the restaurants were pizzerias or sandwich shops. I ended up getting a quarter of a chicken and sautéed green beans, not a bad lunch.

Going home used to be really tricky for me. Primarily because my family lunches pack a diverse set of culinary options, and having self-control on Sunday’s after church was always something I felt only Jesus could help me with. However, both my parents recently lost a significant amount of weight and promote healthy eating through self-control, so that made it a lot easier 🙂.

For dinner we got Korean food for my parent’s 23rd wedding anniversary. I got galbi and no rice again and it wasn’t so bad — i really just wanted to have something to help absorb the grease. Indian ice cream for dinner and a really relaxing evening with the people i love the most.

9/3/17 — W1D7

Last day!

Woke up early for chrurch and my Dad cooked me an egg-white omelette with cheese, I think this is my parents’ go-to breakfast since it is quite low calorie, and easy to make.

For lunch, I got to see my extended family for our traditional after-mass lunch and we had some thicc Filipino food.

Pancit, barbecue, lechon (roasted pork), and grilled chicken. All with rice of course, but that was easy to dodge since I was so close to finishing this first week! Filipino food is pretty greasy and I think rice really helps balance out the grease, so when you don’t eat rice it gets greasy real fast ;_;

I had dinner in LA! Korean food again but this time I had slow roasted galbi which was super super tender, but also very salty — another dish that probably was intended to be eaten with rice.

Finished the night with some drinks and successfully avoided drunchies again!


Cutting major carbs for a week is easy, but I still learned a lot about the common pitfalls that come with a commitment like this. The hardest times for me to say “no” were in social settings or when I had waited too long to eat. I think I get hangry super easily and when I haven’t eaten in a long time I tend to binge and overeat.

It was a lot easier to choose my meals when I had decided what to eat preemptively, instead of making the decision on the fly. Having a plan (and a backup plan) makes it a lot easier to stick to commitment. A lot of friends and family members supported me along the way and that made it a lot easier! It turns out when others are aware of your goals, they can often keep you accountable and motivated.

I learned a little bit more about how I naturally drift away from self-control and how much harder it is to think straight when you’re starving and all you can think and dream about is pizza.

Coming fresh out of this week, I feel like I can say no to carbs pretty easily now, but we will see how long that idea sticks around 🙃

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