Have you tried turning it off and on again?

It’s amazing how much power the internet has given today’s consumer. Gone are the days of the sell-and-run. I remember a time when companies could under deliver, advertise falsely, and even cheat their customers and get away with it. What was the worst that could happen? You loose one customer? Maybe that customer’s cousin too?

I don’t even have to bother with bad businesses nowadays. I take my money to the company with the highest ratings and best reviews. If you’re not constantly aiming to please — or at least appearing to please— your customers, you won’t be given the time of day.

A Great Example of Terrible Service

A couple of months back I submitted my credit card information in exchange for a month of free downloads with a stock photo website. The experience wasn’t terrible but there wasn’t a great selection. Naturally, a few months went by and I forgot about the deal. What I failed to understand was that as soon as that trial month was up, this website had begun charging me $70 a month. I clued in after two or three charges — I am aware that I should have been more attentive to my credit card bill, believe me; after this experience it won’t happen again.

When I finally realized I was being charge such a hefty amount in spite of the fact that I hadn’t visited the site since starting the trial, I gave their support line a call. What happened next really caught me off guard. After being given the run around between a few different representatives, it was made clear that I was the one at fault and their would be no refund. I downloaded one image in the initial trial period — that was never again used — and then did not even load the website again. They took on next to no cost for my mistake, and so would be loosing nothing be giving me my money back. Instead they lost me as a customer, and everyone I know.

People Pay More For A Guarantee

I don’t just avoid paying money to companies with poor service. I pay more than average to companies that offer a great experience. In a world where you can order coffee from your smartphone and bypass all possible human socialization, you start to realize how valuable that handcrafted, face-to-face, quality-guaranteed experience is.

There is a reason companies like Hershel Bags, Birkenstock, and the like, can charge what they do and still maintain such a loyal customer base. People pay more to know that, in the event where their backpack gets ruined or their sandals are worn to the cork, they can call the company and have a brand new product sent to them for free.