One step at a time one punch at a time one round at a time.

The quote that defines my life right now.the life of a high school student is quite stressful even if our parent’s so its soo easy for them it’s not true. I fail at a lot of things in life i don’t ever give up never because i give uo right now because of some low marks in math I’m gonna be living in the streets and that ain’t my goal in life.

Christmas is coming near its already December and the night’s are getting even colder than the last but do we as catholic Christians really get what christmass really means because from what i continue to see greed is the only thing i see from people nowadays and the way thing’s are going in our world today its only bound to get worse materialism is bound to our nature.

To get back on the topic of my title of this entry from the movie i seen creed it means that even if you get knocked down and stumble in you’re path of pain for the dreams you soathe after for so long. Thus each one of us are different we all have that moment in our lives that we fall into a slomp and get into a sorrowful mood but we have to realise that we humans have spirit the human spirit is hard to break and we have to continue even if we get rejected or fall because there is a future on which we will be the best we will be…..