The law of death…….

From what i have seen in the video.i could slightly understand the answers that the death penalty can provide to the victims of rape,murders,etc.but this still cannot be tolerated if you follow the word of God. I’m no disciple of god what so ever but still.

And throughout our country’s long standing history the death penaly has been activated and deactivated two times already and is already being considered to be proclaimed again by our president the crazy psychopath himself sarcasam intended.but in a serious note though it is still the people judgement if this should go through or not.

Thirdly from what i can see in the statistics of other countries like the USA and others there crime rate isn’t low or anything its even higher there and you should put research into this if you don’t believe me.they have the death penaly but still that doesn’t solbe crime.

From my understanding the death penalty is only gonna affect the people who are in poverty the people who can’t evwn defend themselves even if the law provides free attorney’s but still they have to pay for their files to be defended in the court of law.

And as my last statement i don’t ever and ever believe in the death of people to be the solution of crime. There is a lot of different ways to solve it but that is another topic……

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