I have to be honest, I am very much a “Yes man” when it comes to taking on new work. I try my best to live by the fake it until you make it approach. Sometimes I take new projects I don’t know all the details of. Although that can be stress and anxiety inducing at times, having that extra bit of motivation makes things exciting! This risk can have its downfalls though. I’d like to share a personal example. As a multimedia and interaction artist and in many others fields, every task could be cross-disciplinary. In my own work alone I’ve explored elements of graphic design, computer science and mechanical engineering. …

While completing a final year project in the Bachelor of Interaction Design program at Sheridan College, these articles will serve as a way to document the process, reflect on thoughts and decisions, as well as share some insights, research and the occasional snippet of code.

I will be working toward designing an interactive/immersive audio-visual experience.

Prototypes and other minor explorations I’m no stranger to (as you can find almost daily on my) but the full experience from start to finish is a whole other beast and these experiments are only stepping stones to the real thing. …

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So it had arrived. The first day at my dream studio: in Montreal.

Moment Factory is an international multimedia entertainment company specialized in the conception and production of immersive environments.

They’re also a place referenced countless times in my work, an endless source of inspiration. I still wonder how I managed the privilege to begin my career path here. Not to say that I didn’t fight to earn my spot, but seeing the complexity, scale and prestige of their work is slightly inducing.

I joined the Moment Factory Interactive Department as a Creative Developer Intern, mainly working in the Connect team; an axis of the R&D department that focuses on exploring the creative and immersive potential of current and future mobile and IoT (Internet of things) technologies. …

Okay so you heard about TouchDesigner and have no idea what it is. You want a quick primer before committing hours to learning it.

A disclaimer, I’m not a professional with the software nor am I affiliated with the brand. Frankly, I’ve only been using it for about 9 months. I just wanted to share some things that I wish I knew getting started.

This is what we’re gonna be making !

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TouchDesigner is a procedural node-based visual programming environment.

I like to think of it as if it’s Processing, mashed with After Effects and then mashed with a 3D modelling/rendering software like Cinema4D. …



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