A Great Reminder From A Guy I Met In The Bathroom.

“Hello! Have a good day. Hello, Have a wonderful day…Hello, Hi, Hey, Hello.”

This was from the cheerful bathroom attendant at Charlotte, NC airport. Every single person who chose that particular bathroom was greeted upon arrival and departure.

And just a few feet away from this smiling old man was a jar filled with bills. Lots of bills. This guy was probably making more than the flight attendants.

In that moment, I was reminded that creating wealth (or anything for that matter) isn’t ever a resource problem (not enough money, not enough time, not enough credentials), but rather a problem of creativity and resourcefulness.

This gentleman, who barely spoke any other english (from Russia) found a way to creatively offer value to others. Regardless if you gave him a tip or not, he still was there to say goodbye.

He clearly wasn’t in this position because of resources. He didn’t have any money to start, know a single word of english, or have the job waiting for him when he arrived…

Yet, he did have enough creativity to make it happen.

Because this man understood that it’s never a resources problem, only an opportunity to get more resourceful.

I wonder what might you begin creating today if time, money, your age, or experience was no longer something you let get in your way?

If you’re willing to get creative enough, you will create what you want.

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