Connection wanted?

Words not needed.

Hangin’ with kids in Bali

Speaking the same language isn’t a necessary requirement to deeply connect.

Spending time with Ana, Tut, Popo and the rest of the gang reminded me of this.

How often do we find ourselves in conversation with someone that doesn’t quite understand or “get” us?

How often does our partner, family, friends, peers or society feel like we’re speaking a “different language?”

Generally, this leaves us feeling frustrated, misunderstood and not seen…

And that’s how I felt during the first few minutes of meeting this tight knit group of Balinese souls.

I tried to speak their language and even invited them to speak mine, but both methods weren’t very effective.

So I tried something.

Wanna guess?

Wanna know what brought out the inner kid in me and the laughs out of them?

It’s being reminded that connecting from the soul isn’t about language,

That deeply connecting bypasses language, words or intelligence.

Connecting with others that might speak a “different language” continues to give me the opportunity to become less judgmental and more creative and playful.

Considering spoken language is somewhere around 10,000 years young, we’ve got plenty of evolutionary practice connecting without spoken word.

What would your next conversation with someone who is speaking a “different language” look like if you LET GO of the WORDS,

LET GO of the INTELLECT, and


Could be freedom waiting for you on the other side…

And a few laughs.

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