Disqualifying Yourself.

“I’m really want to apply for that job, but I’m not qualified.”

One of my clients shared this with me after explaining how excited she was to apply for this job. The embassy in her new country was hiring and this was her dream position.

I asked her, “who said that you’re not qualified?” She started to talk about all of the “criteria” that they were looking for and that it’s been a while since she’s done the type of work that they were wanting.

Before long, she got that the only person that was disqualifying her from the position was herself.

She was disqualifying herself before someone else could.

Sound familiar? If not, you’re probably not being honest with yourself.

Most of us do *exactly* the same thing in our lives.

For the single ones out there (myself included), when was the last time you met someone that you found attractive and for some reason you convinced yourself that she/he wasn’t good for you?

Did you disqualify yourself before there was a possibility for the other person to disqualify you?

Not only have I noticed this pattern in others, but I’ve seen this in myself.

Last week, I was on my way to H&M to invest in some more v-necks (because you can’t ever have enough v-necks) when I saw this beautiful woman walking towards me.

She was stunning and had several tattoos that covered her sporty body. She was exuding a sense of confidence and I felt inspired to find out who she was.

She might have been stronger than me. She certainly seemed tougher then me. And by the looks, I imagine she just finished squatting at the crossfit gym across the street.

Regardless, this was an opportunity…

An opportunity to disqualify myself before she disqualifies me…or an opportunity to get curious and find out who she was.

I chose curiosity. I chose to take a risk. I chose to not disqualify myself.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a lot like me. That means that you’re also prone to disqualifying yourself so that you keep your heart from getting hurt.

But what if you were willing to wear your “heart on your sleeve” and let yourself show up for whatever opportunity is in front of you?

Might your heart get hurt? You betcha.

But what’s the alternative?! Wondering. Wishing. Hoping. What If’s….

No Thank You.

I’m choosing to keep my heart open and allow someone else to disqualify me, because I’m done disqualifying myself.

How about you?

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