How To Instantly Create A Miracle In Your Life.

It was 1879 when Sir Thomas Edison announced that he would reveal the electric lightbulb by the end of the year.

Despite having thousands of failed lightbulb experiments, he was committed to figuring this out by Dec 31 of 1879.

On the last day of 1879 — exactly 136 years ago, there was light.

So, you might be wondering what does the person responsible for creating possibly the greatest invention of all time (besides the iPhone) have to do with miracles?

Well, everything.

While we generally associate magic and miracles to wizards, lightsabers, or those overpriced theme parks, this isn’t actually how miracles are created.

As you might recall:

The wizard attends Hogwarts.

The Jedi trains with the force to master their lightsabers.

The peeps at Disney are constantly improving their magical delivery.

And Edison was willing to fail just over 10,000 times.

Miracles aren’t something that just happens…

They show up when you show up. They peak their face when you’re willing to face that which you’re most afraid of.

So you want to create a miracle in your world?

Then what you need to do is simple.

  1. Be willing to commit to something that cause others to think you’re slightly crazy.
  2. Take one heart-pounding step that moves you inches closer to that which you desire most.
  3. Repeat step 2. A lot.

Commitment is the name of the game here, not luck.

If you’re willing to follow through, don’t be surprised by the opportunities that will begin to show up for you.

And certainly don’t be surprised by the miracle(s) that’s right around the corner.

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