My E-Commerce Brand Is Projecting 233% Sales Growth By December. My Secret?

Hey guys, if you’ve got a minute, I want to share a quick story about how I’m growing my physical products business to 6-figures-per-month in sales. And then I want to ask you a question about a BRAND NEW course I’m thinking about creating.

Most of my friends don’t know this but a few months ago, I decided to bring on a few interns. I hired them within 2 weeks and they’re each working about 10 hours a week. With a little bit of luck, we’ll hit $100K in monthly sales by December.

Here’s a small sample of our revenue-generating projects this week:

- Systematizing influencer outreach, so people like Zuzka Light might show off our gear for her half-million Instagram followers

- Growing our own Instagram following to 10K and beyond

- Building organic traffic to 3500 visitors/month with high-quality blog content

- Setting up new marketplaces (Ebay, Wal-Mart, etc.)

- And more.

As you can imagine, handling all these myself would be impossible. But they’re getting done. And our results speak for themselves.

“Hiring a bunch of college interns all at once? Are you insane?? Isn’t that more trouble than it’s worth?”

Normally I’d say yes.

But I’ll why hiring a team of interns will actually accelerate our revenue to a million dollars in the next 12–16 months…

But first… Why interns and not part-time remote Virtual Assistants? I’ve worked with VAs before. Many in fact… Around a half-dozen in the last 2 years. After dealing with language barriers, time differences, and really crummy work — I’m done with VAs for everything but the most mundane, repetitive tasks.)

If you have systems in place to manage your team and interns, you get to focus more time on the highest leverage activities that move your business forward.

When you have repeatable and documented procedures for sourcing, hiring, onboarding, training, delegating, and tracking their work — your only job as their leader is to simply teach and stay out of the way.

I love my interns — they get rewarded with mentorship, real-world experience, and tons of professional opportunities after our time together (plus waaay more), and I get high-quality team members who believe in our mission. And when I’m ready to bring on full-time employees, I’ll use these same systems to source, hire, onboard, train, and manage them too.

I created these team building systems over the past few months, and now my business is growing faster than I ever expected.

What if you could command your own army of interns and scale your business in the process?

I’m thinking about creating a BRAND NEW course to help you multiply your own productivity while building out your team with interns.

I spent 100+ hours experimenting and creating the systems I use with my team of interns, and I’m willing to hand-over everything. And I’m ready to help you set up these systems so they fit seamlessly in your workflow.

So here’s what I’m thinking…

The 6-week course would:

- be action-focused and results-driven (including weekly assignments)

- include tools, templates, job postings, interview questions, and more, so you can download and copy everything I’ve done

- NOT be about theory, concepts, or mindset — it’ll be actionable lessons and resources only

- include weekly coaching and Q&A calls

- give you exact instructions how to use and adapt my systems to your business

If there’s enough interest, I would need around 12 Founding Members to take the first version of the course. You would not take the course for free — because free things are almost never taken seriously — but you would get a substantial discount in exchange for your commitment, active participation, and feedback.

If you follow all my instructions, use my posts, interview questions, and onboarding & training systems — which I will give you — I GUARANTEE you will have an engaged and excited intern by the end of the 6 weeks. That said, if my system doesn’t work for you, I will gladly refund your money. The only condition is that you do to the work, and you follow my exact instructions.

I hope I’ve been clear, this isn’t about exploiting or taking advantage of free labor. This is about creating win-win partnerships for interns who are looking to prove themselves in a high-stakes environment.

If there’s no interest at all, then I’ll table the idea. I do not want to spend a ton of time developing this if no one’s interested :-)

If you are interested, go ahead and drop a comment on THIS facebook post.

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