What’s REALLY going on in your world??

{A ‘messy’ experience from last week}

If you really knew me, you’d know that yesterday became one of the most challenging days of the year.

I felt triggered by the world.

Many old patterns that I thought I had “control” over surfaced.

I noticed how badly I wanted to be liked by others.

I noticed how I wanted to strive for perfection and please the people around me.

I noticed how damn hard it was for me to fully love where I was at.

I showed up late for a meeting a week before a launch and could feel how disappointed my insides were.

I received a couple of emails that required me to respond in a way that others might not appreciate.

I was feeling a deep sense of judgment by the strangers that I walked by and talked to…

On and on…

I didn’t feel like me. I was like a sensitive six-year-old that felt slightly unsafe to express and show up as I am.

A couple years ago, this would have destroyed me for at least a couple days. Yet today, I’m back into my familiar form.

I don’t just stuff these experiences under the rug though. I take moments to reflect (and share if it feels like it will serve others).

Fortunately, I have been able to develop tools and strategies to cope in a healthy way when I’m feeling this way:

I reach for a nap, some silence, breath work, yoga, a massage, or a Skype call with a good friend.

And sometimes it’s ice cream (let’s be real…)

I let myself be in the emotion of it all, knowing it too shall pass.

All of this eventually does — like life, everything is just temporary.

The highest of highs, and the lowest of lows.

I’m just gently reminded by the universe how incredibly delightful it is to be human.

And during those moments where I feel like it’s a sign of “weakness” to show up as I am (in my sh*t sometimes), I remember the feeling I get when someone else is willing to fully express and transparently be human with me (in their sh*t).

Thanks for playing this courageous game called life with me.

Special shout to @jacobsokol for going first yesterday.

So, what’s REALLY going on in your world?

If public feels like too much, shoot me a private message.

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