What would you say if you weren’t afraid?

A few days ago, I had the great privilege to be featured on Elephant Journal for my piece around “What would you say if you weren’t afraid?”

I’ve heard from so many of you that my words have deeply touched you in some way, which lights up my face and continues to remind me of why I continue to do, what I do.

With that being said, I realize that there were a few things that I failed to mention.

I’m sharing these with the intention for you to see what ACTUALLY goes on behind a featured article, Instagram pics, or anything else that might make you feel like I’m any ‘different’ than you.

There truly is no separation, and maybe after reading this, that might make a bit more sense.

Here’s what I failed to mention:

Two things…

1) I don’t always say what I’m most afraid to say.

Although I did in that moment, as I shared in the Elephant Journal piece, that’s not always the case.

There are still so many times where I DON’T say what I most want to say. I still catch myself “biting my tongue,” or not wanting to “look stupid.”

The difference now versus most of my life (even a year ago) is that I don’t judge myself for not [not] saying it. If I choose to let “what will they think of me?” get in the way of my truth, I let it be and continue to love myself through it.

2) When I do say what I’m most afraid to say, I’m shit scared.

That’s right, shit scared.

What’s real for me is that my heart is constantly beating THROUGH my chest every single time I decide to step into whats true for me. I’m continuing to move through 25+ years of conditioned habits that told me NOT to — fully express, share openly, etc. — along with that evolutionary part of me (and all of us) that CRAVES deep acceptance from others.

So maybe this gives you just a deeper glimpse into my world.

Maybe there’s a part of you that can relax just a bit more and realize that you’re doing the absolute best that you can.

Maybe you’re now reminded that all of us are part of the exact same experience of being human and having fear, doubt, insecurity and not being enough becomes part of the challenge at times.

Maybe this gives you the permission to tell just ONE person what you’re feeling slightly afraid to say.

And if not, all good.

You’re still whole, worthy, deserving of love and part of this miracle called life.

Thanks for continuing to play with me.

Living Uncomfortably,