Why I’ll Never Stop Sitting In The Middle Seat.

Lately, life has felt a lot like boxing gloves…and I’ve felt like a punching bag.

It’s a clear reminder that I’m in the trenches, doing the personal work, and stepping into that which is most important to me.

I’m getting a taste of what I’ve really wanted and I’m being asked… “How badly do you want it!?”

That damn middle seat again…

I believe that choosing to sit “in the middle seat” is a courageous and revolutionary act.

Choosing to embrace this space has changed my life, literally. It has supported me in creating a biz that helpsothers and offers me choice of where and how I spend my time. It’s also supported me in creating a handful of new friendships that feel like they will be with me forever…

I continue to see the power in choosing the middle space and I’m being called to step into this uncomfortable, awkward, clunky, yet beautiful middle seat…again.

It’s a terrifying “Yes!” for me, as I continue to see the powerful changes in my life, my friends, coaching clients, and colleagues when they’re willing to say “YES!” to uncomfortable.

I won’t stop sharing this message until my heart stops beating. Because I know that everything that you actually want is found through that uncomfortable middle space.

If you don’t have it, it’s because you haven’t been willing to step into the discomfort.

So if you’re open to stepping this space, there’s a community waiting for you with open arms here at In The Middle Seat.

One of the best ways to be supported by our community is through our FREE 8 day #LetsGetUncomfortable challenge which starts in just a couple days.

Regardless of your choice, I love you. Thank you for reading this far and I hope you get more of what you want today.

Ready To Get Brave? Then join me and 250+ other incredible humans for The #LetsGetUncomfortable 8-day Challenge launching in 5 days (Feb 23)! At In The Middle seat, we believe that bravery isn’t something you’re born with, you build it. Let us show you how.

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