A Collection of Colorizations

I recently discovered colourization and it’s an incredibly satisfying experience. I’m a Product Designer and I do spend a fair amount of time in Photoshop for work-related projects and know the tools well, but colourizing a photo is something that I recently found to be a relaxing exercise and these are some of my works. I tend to focus on photos that are at least 100 years old, but occasionally will colour other subjects I find interesting.

Union Station, Toronto Canada, 1907

Union Station is Toronto’s main passenger train station. It’s located right downtown. The station from 1907 was replaced shortly thereafter.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado, 1941

I did this one in honour of Red Rocks’ 75th anniversary. Rather than colorize the amphitheatre itself which hasn’t really changed since 1941, I paid tribute to the team that led the development of this historic and incredible live music venue in 1941.

”Morning Hunt” Toronto, Canada, 1912

I was drawn to this photo because of the sharp contrast between this morning fox hunt in 1912 to what is there today. Today there is a giant concrete bridge that soars high above the valley.

Not quite a Fox Hunt!

Winter in Toronto, 1900 (Dawes Rd. & Danforth)

Toronto, 1936 (Yonge St. at York Mills)

A Tribute To Muhammad Ali

“Girls Day Off” Toronto, Canada, 1912

Casa Loma Cafe, Vancouver, Canada, 1948

Duane Allman 1971

Photo credit: Unknown photographer. Please provide in the comments and I will update here.

My Dad, 1936

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