CNA Week 2

Shocked powerball winner

Kelly Cox, a local from Salem, bought a winning Powerball ticket and did not even know it. She did not win the jackpot but she did win a million dollars because she had five numbers the same without the same powerball number. She had no idea she won because she thought the numbers had to be in the same order, but when she discovered this was not true she walked away a million dollars richer.

Homocide shooter sentenced to life in prison

Dominique Moss was found guilty in the homicide of his distant cousin Shawn Moss. He allegedly shot the victim seventeen times. After Dominique was sentenced to life in prison, he was yelling out death threats to his prosecutor and victim’s family while being dragged out of courtroom.

Flames fry the Bulldogs

The Liberty Flames basketball team get another big win against a conference opponent beating Garner-Webb 69–55. Coach McKay’s focus on the pack-line defense has become the team’s foundation which has opened up way more opportunities on the offensive end. This is the first time since the Flames made the NCAA tournament where they won three games in a row.

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