BOE Meeting

Who? Haittiesburg Board of Education

What? They met to discuss the numbers of enrollment in their schools and to enforce new rules.

When? This morning

Where? Haittiesburg

Why? The school district had enrollment had dropped 200 students from year before. They needed to make stricter rules to help students behave.

How? no blue jeans, guys have hair above ears, and girls can’t wear miniskirts. Got good deal on milk for school.

Lead: The Haittiesburg Board of Education met this morning to discuss the dropping enrollment rate in their district as well as adding some new school rules as well.

Faculty in Plane Crash

Who? Associate professor of rural sociology John Dumont, associate professor of English George Johnson,

What? Were on a plane and it crashed on take off but escaped injury

When? Thursday night

Where? Kennedy International Airport

Why? 5 people killed

How? not said

Lead: John Dumont and George Johnson, both professors at Backwater State University, escaped death in a plane crash that happened on the take off and sadly five other people did not.

Meeman Speaks

Who? Norman Meeman

What? Spoke to 67 students, mostly english students, at the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library.

When? 4;30 p.m. on Sunday

Where? William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library

Why? Telling the students to not copy other writers but get out there and experience it for themselves letting their own feelings pour out.

How? winner of the Pulitzer Prize for book “My Life as Far as it Goes”

Lead: The winner of the Pultizer Prize spoke to 67 students, mostly English majors, at the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library about pointers on inspirational and creative writing.

Professor Wins Award

Who? Clement Crabtree

What? Won the George Washington Honor Medal announced by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

When? last week

Where? Pennsylvania

Why? writing an essay called “Plan for Peace”

How? He urged distribution of free red, white and blue flower seeds in foreign nations.

Lead: A man from Pennsylvania won the George Washington Honor Medal, given by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, last week for his work on an essay called “Plan for Peace”.

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