News Writing Project #2

Jump Trampoline Park is moving in to where the old dollar theatre used to be in the Candlers Mountain Shopping Center. The angle will be taken from the students perspective. The students will care because it will be a place where they can go have fun with friends and family.

This is a good topic for online format because I am able to find info about it online from LU Champion or local news stations. I can write a good story but keep it short and to the point. Also, I will be able to get personal opinions from students about their thoughts on the new Trampoline Park.

  • opening Sept. 1
  • 12,000 square feet
  • Third Jump Park in the state of Virginia
  • $8 for 30 minutes, $12 bucks for an hour
  • discount for Liberty students is in discussion

A hyperlink I could use could be to the Jump Trampoline Park’s official website so people can understand more what they are about. This way they can see pictures and videos of people from their other locations.

I could get an audio account from people who have been to a Jump Trampoline Park before. I could get a video of students thoughts on this new attraction.