Sound Cloud Notes

Broadcast writing for the ear.

writing for the ear is the foundation of broadcast style writing

Four C’s of Broadcast style: Correctness, clarity, conciseness, color


  • accuracy above all else
  • accuracy is a must for every area of media


  • Your audience must understand what you are saying first time around
  • exact word you mean to get exact emotions.
  • use simple sentences.
  • know what you are talking about


  • most in broadcast writing
  • upmost importance, write to fill a certain amount of time
  • cut out any unnecessary words
  • avoid passive tense


  • the color in your writing is the way get the audience locked into your story
  • people are the center of your story

Completed Circle

  • we do not want people flipping the station because they are bored of what they are hearing
  • write in unified fashion, story complete unit everything works together
  • inverted pyramid doesn’t work, loose people before the end
  • speak 3 words per second.

Dramatic unity

  • most common broadcast structure
  • climax, cause, and effect.
  • climax- begin the story with it, grab people’s attension.
  • cause- why it happened, circumstances surrounding the event
  • effect- give context and insight of what the story means
  • personalize it to your audience

Broadcast style rules

  • simple sentences (subject-verb-object)
  • titles before names
  • personalize wherever you can
  • spell out words and symbols
  • // instead of periods or commas
  • put age before the names
  • use pronouns sparingly
  • numbers difficult to understand when you can’t see them so round off, just under or just over
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