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It’s really obvious why the Kings made these moves. Hill is a slam dunk signing all around, both on and off the court, and also doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be productive, and can teach a lot of positive habits on offense and defense especially. That price to give quality minutes on both sides of the ball, and mentor their hopeful next superstar in D’Aaron Fox? Huge signing, and really a no brainer. Randolph is a chemistry and locker room signing that I imagine will be a high quality extension of Joerger’s coaching, and will provide some much needed toughness, smarts, and rebounding off the bench. Maybe more than you want to spend, but considering how dramatically incompetent the Kings have been over the last 10+ years, this sudden, seemingly overnight transition into a competent team, making smart draft picks and signings, with the future style of play and team chemistry very much at the forefront of these moves? I could not be more surprised, and happier with the Kings’ offseason and direction going forward.

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