Josh Bell
Josh Bell
Oct 3, 2017 · 3 min read

Dawn is looking for Associates to find exciting startups to invest in and to help them at every step to a successful exit

We’re looking for exceptional Associates to help us find the most exciting early stage software and internet companies in Europe and build relationships with the most promising founders. You will also help founders at every step to a successful exit. We are based in London but we invest across Europe, working with leading companies such as Mimecast, iZettle, Collibra, Showpad, Property Partner and many others.

As an important member of the Dawn investment you will be expected to:

· Engage with startup founders to understand their businesses and the markets they are attacking.

· Map European investment opportunities through attending conferences and data analysis.

· Build investment theses around market segments to identify the most interesting new companies.

· Source and qualify investment opportunities to be presented to the rest of the investment team as well as support the team in Due Diligence on qualified opportunities.

· Work on projects with portfolio companies around strategy, product, financings etc.

· Help portfolio companies learn from each other

This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in Venture Capital, to build a profile within the European investing community, and to gain exposure to a large variety of early and growth stage technology companies. You will work closely with the Dawn partners and meet key industry influencers.


· Proactively source and qualify potential investments.

· Build a strong understanding of industries including Financial Technology, Marketplaces and Enterprise SaaS.

· Perform in-depth market research and formulate related investment theses.

· Support the rest of the team in due diligence activities.

· Build brand awareness of Dawn Capital by representing the firm at industry events.

· Lead or support portfolio company projects.

· Help with fundraising for future Dawn funds.

Desired Skills

· Passion for technology.

· Structured thinking, well-developed analytical skills and comfort working with abstract concepts;

· Intellectual curiosity, you will be looking at companies operating in a wide range of sectors and will be expected to quickly gain an understanding of how these work;

· Highly motivated and self-driven, the work is open-ended and you will often be expected to work with little guidance;

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills — you’ll spend a lot of time talking to entrepreneurs and fellow investors;

· Good numeracy skills and working familiarity with Excel.

We will consider candidates with a wide range of backgrounds and relevant experience; typically we look for at least 2 years’ work experience in technology, strategy consulting or investment banking

Please send us your CV and any other information that will help us understand you better directly at

About Dawn

We love tech. It makes yesterday’s impossible possible. And tomorrow, it will do it all over again. We love tech and we love startups. Every year we will meet a few thousand teams looking to shape that tomorrow. We find every discussion energising as a new window onto the future opens. And every so often, when the stars align, we have the privilege to partner with an exceptional team on its multi-year journey.

Dawn brings together a team of experienced VCs, proven entrepreneurs and business builders to give a broad skills base and our model is to take an active “hands on” approach to assisting our portfolio companies. The Dawn team has been strategically created with the intention that collectively, we have all the necessary skills and experience to add value to our portfolio companies irrespective of the issues they face.

Dawn Capital is a London-based early stage venture capital firm led by experienced entrepreneurs and investors that have collectively backed over 100 companies. The Dawn team has been involved in several high profile rapid growth technology businesses such as,, Mimecast, iZettle and Self Trade. The team has profitably managed significant portfolios through several booms and downturns, and co-founded several successful technology companies.

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