6 Things Christians Should Stop Doing On Social Media

It’s been an interesting last couple months for me and my church on social media. We’ve been called heretics, leodecians and we’ve even been told that we are not real Christians. All because we are giving away a free getaway package to Branson Missouri as part of our Christmas Eve services.

The “best” part is that none of these people are actually saying it to our face. We aren’t receiving this criticism from a local pastor or a concerned citizen here in our local community. No, the criticism is coming from random parts of the country on you guessed it, social media.

As you are probably well aware, I love social media. The potential upside for pastors, churches and leaders is huge. But just like many things, Christians can often turn this good thing into a weapon for complaining, criticism and outright anger.

So in today’s post I would like to discuss with you just a few types of posts I believe Christians Should stop doing on social media.

1 — The Please Pray For So-and-So, who is living in sin post

Prayer is not bad. In fact praying is great. But I’ve seen to many leaders use social media to air out other people’s dirty laundry. Not every single one of your friends or followers needs to hear about Brother Bill’s failing marriage. Christians need to be very careful about turning social media into a rumor or gossip mill. Please don’t be the Pastor who is putting people’s private business out there for the world to see.

2 — The “That” other Person/Church/Pastor is A false teacher post

When I was in the military, I remember having several conversations with one of my peers about church. After weeks of talking about beliefs and the importance of attending church I thought I had him convinced. I was really excited, but then he said something that hit me like a ton of bricks. He said he would give Jesus a second look but that he would never set foot inside a church because all Christians did was fight with each other. He wondered why anyone would want to join a organization that spent the majority of it’s time fighting about how to do things and sending out blanket condemnation.

If you are a critical Christian, that story should rock your world. Slapping your critique of other Christians all over social media makes the “church” and the God you represent seem angry and hypocritical. So please… If you feel compelled to call someone out online, please do it privately. Send that church, pastor or leader a private message instead of posting bad reviews for the world to see on Facebook.

Don’t speak evil against each other, dear brothers and sisters. If you criticize and

judge each other, then you are criticizing and judging God’s law.

But your job is to obey the law, not to judge whether it applies to you. James 4:11

3 — The “Like” If you Love Jesus post

Imagine my surprise to learn that the only way I can truly love Jesus is to like the photo you posted of Jesus on the cross. Now, I’m not opposed to picture of Jesus on the cross, but I am opposed to some Christians making the concept of loving Jesus so simple. To people who are not yet convinced it gives the appearance that our faith is shallow and easy.

4 — The just “Unfriend” me now post

This one really drives me crazy. I see it time and time again. Every time there is a controversy or the Supreme court makes a decision the first thing I can always count on is seeing someone post “If you agree with such-and-such, just unfriend me now.” The worst thing you can do is to scare away your unsaved friends on social media by being angry. Part of the purpose of social media is to connect with people who are far from God and show them what true Christianity is about. If every single friend or follower you have agrees with everything you think all the time, you are using social media wrong and most likely you have failed to truly reach out to people in your “real” life. I am not suggesting that Christians not post about controversial or political issues, I’m simply suggesting you take the time to think before you post. Don’t post a reactionary response out of anger.

5. — The My Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Friend is A bum post

You may think this never happens… but I challenge you to give your timeline a scroll. I would almost bet you there at least one of your followers has complained about someone they are in a relationship with. I get it, if someone lies, treats you poorly or doesn’t live up to your expectations you have every right to get upset. Things go wrong when you decide to air that frustration for the world to see. If you need to vent about someone, do it privately with someone you trust. There is absolutely no benefit to posting that subtle message about how your husband forgets to take out the trash every week.

6 — The I’m Perfect and my life is awesome post

Part of what makes Christianity so incredible to me, is that it is filled with imperfect people who did really stupid things and still became giants because God chose to use them despite their failings. I believe those stories of redemption are what draw people to Christ. The idea that no matter what we’ve done God can still use us is an incredible thing that isn’t found in very many places. While you don’t want to complain about your life or others in your life, it is important to use social media to tell your life story. Be real and authentic on social media. Don’t make your life on Facebook seem like there has been and never will be another problem in it. There is a fine line between being a complainer and being real. Use the experiences God has given you to encourage and build up the people around you.

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