Email Marketing: How To Not Come Off As A Douche

Email marketing is supposed to help you build trust with potential clients/customers by giving free content. Upon giving free content, you establish yourself as an expert or go-to guy in your field — thus, building trust.

Free content can take on the form of audio, videos, blogs and anything else that can provide information on a particular subject.

This content really should be created solely by you so that they can only get what they’re getting from you — giving them good reason to stay on your mailing list.

Email marketing, however, is not that simple.

Subject lines are like initiating a conversation with a hot girl.

Most people get caught up with coming up with good subject lines and a good writing format among others.

For example, subject lines that read something like “EVERYTHING IS 25% OFF!!!!!” are bad subject lines because subject lines are not supposed to be read as advertisement.

Think of subject lines as a first impression.

Subject lines are very much like the clothes you wear at a networking event, it gives people an impression before you say a word.

Online marketing is done correctly when it mimics as much as real life as possible — always remember that.

Good subject lines can simply be something like “Hey, I got some good news regarding YourCompanyName”.

Oh, she opened your email and now you think she likes you? Cool story bro

The goal when someone opens your email is to get them to check out the content you’re sending (and engage with it) or to purchase a new product or service.

Just because you saw that 30% of your email list opened your last email, it doesn’t mean you should get a boner.

To get people to engage with your content, ask for comments, input and feedback on your content. Frame your content in a way that suggests that you’re sending that content for their input or feedback.

Here’s an example of how you would present a new piece of content:

“Hey, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to solve (your subscribers problems) and I think I have a few ideas. Check out this new blog post (link) and let me know if I’m right or not. ”

She didn’t respond to your “u tryina chill?” email? LMFAO

Getting your subscribers to engage with your content is how you build trust. You build trust by actually engaging back.

When they see you responding to their questions, providing free content and providing content that they can’t find anywhere else, they’ll like you.

You’ll have the ingredients to create the perception of a trustworthy expert or go-to guy of a segment of your industry and they’ll learn to trust whatever you’d like to sell them in the future.

It’s really that easy of a concept.

You’re either THE Man or the BFF

If you’re an expert on a particular subject, awesome. If you’re not an expert, you should not call yourself one. In most cases, we can be great go-to guys (or gals) — a BFF to your subscribers.

Everyone is unique; and that’s good news. That means hundreds of people can talk about email marketing differently than I can.

You can learn about email marketing from a music producers perspective, you can learn it from a real estate agents perspective, you can learn it from a formal speaking style perspective or an urban speaking style perspective.

There are so many ways to learn something. There may be a ton of people covering how to market your songs on Facebook, but your subscribers may love the way you teach it. So be a go-to guy if you’re not an expert, its perfectly fine.

So, if you’re THE man, cool. But being a BFF to your subscribers is perfectly fine too.

She likes you now, but when should make the first move?

Honestly, the longer you wait the better — but don’t wait years, of course. Give them lots of content, engage with them often and answer as many questions as possible.

Why wait? Because you want to build a following. Not just any following though, you want a following of subscribers who trust you and would buy what you’re selling.

The longer you take building a good relationship with your subscribers, the more chances of you making sales.

The longer you wait, the more subscribers you’ll have as well, giving you more people to sell your product to and ultimately making you more money.

How long, exactly? Don’t worry bro. You’ll know when she’s ready.

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