Almost Free from San Francisco

Josh Bogdan
3 min readApr 23, 2015

My wife and I are moving from San Francisco. Instead of selling
our old things, we offered an exchange: stuff for stories.

Saturday, April 18, 2015
We set up shop on the corner of 15th and Church, the border of
The Mission and Castro neighborhoods.

We told people to pick one item and one prompt from an orange sticky.

Then, get in front of the camera and talk to us.

Perry from The Mission

Item: Wine Covers Payment: A story about getting in trouble as a kid

Shane from Santa Ynez

Item: Sequin Sweater Payment: Story about mom

James from NOPA

Item: DVD of Short Films Payment: Personal drama

Rathanak from The Castro

Item: Shirt Steamer Payment: A love story

Jameson from South San Francisco

Item: Professional Blue Tie Payment: Story about dad

Martha from The Sunset

Item: Wine Cork Holder Payment: One inappropriate joke

Brian from The Mission

Item: Plant Payment: One crazy neighbor

Aidell from Lakeview

Item: Microwave Payment: Story about getting in trouble as a kid

Karina from City College

Item: Wire Basket Payment: A verse from a rap song

Rachael from Mission Dolores

Item: White Hat Payment: Is there a God?

Allie from Mission Dolores

Item: Fingerless Glove Mittens Payment: One exercise move

Erin from Cape Cod, MA

Item: Party dress Payment: One creepy dude

Allie from Sebastopol

Item: Dragon Robe Payment: How mom and dad met

Catherine from The Mission

Item: Gravy Boat Payment: Impression of a hot dog

Shaun from Mission Dolores

Item: Cereal Bowl Payment: Advice to 18-year-old you

Rodriguez from Noe Valley

Item: Blue Button Down Payment: Talk politics

Jennifer from Sunnydale

Item: A book about negotiation Payment: A case for why you should have it

César from The Castro

Item: DVD of Short Films Payment: Oscar acceptance speech

David from The Presidio

Item: Heat Fan Payment: One kid-friendly joke

Karen from The Mission

Item: Scarf Payment: A top two motorcycle story

Thanks to all the neighbors for helping out. If you were interviewed and don’t see yourself here, it’s because I forgot to turn the microphone on.

San Francisco, we’ll miss you.