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Ute Muendlein

With regards to identifying companies, you want to interview people that purchased no more than 60 days ago. That’s because you’re asking folks to recall details leading up to their purchase. And details can get hazy after 60 days. We were able to generate a list of customers that purchased withing 60 days. Shoot for 8 interviews. After 8 you get diminishing returns.

To get people to sign up, we sent an email offering a small incentive (but offering an incentive isn’t necessary). The email contained a Calendly link that allowed customers to select a time.

You can see an example below I used for with another company (Skill Scout).

Hi Lisa,

We’re doing some research and are looking to learn more about our customer’s experience with Skill Scout. (So we can help folks be more awesome at attracting and hiring the best candidates.)

This would be a casual informal 30 minute chat so there’s no need to prepare anything.

I know you’re crazy busy, so please feel free to say no, but allow me to ask . . . would you be open to chatting ? You’re perspective and insights would be pure gold.

If so, please click here to select a time that works best.


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